Please Leave No Unattended Items Behind

Once upon a time there was this thing that seemed like a normal one night stand. The guy was nice, the sex was even nicer, but it was quite obvious that we were not going to see each other again. So when he took me home (dear lad, saving me from the stride of pride!) we exchanged a quick thank you –kiss and “see you again” –lines but no phone numbers.

That same evening, I realised something horrible. I left my two bracelets, the only ones I own, in his bedroom. One of them I had just had for three days and my friends had bought it for me for my birthday. Both of them were from vintage/second hand shops so no chance to go to H&M and just buy a new pair.

I decided I was going to get them back, no matter what it took. I only remembered three letters from the guy’s first name and three letters from his team’s name, but after hours of serious googling and Wikipedia/Facebook stalking I managed to find him. Awkward as it was, I wrote a private fb message to him asking for them back.

After 24 hours I could see that he had still not read it. And I realised it is because it’s not showing up in his normal inbox, it goes to this useless “others”-folder which nobody ever checks. So I sent him a friend request. After 24 hours, no reply. As he checked his phone about dozen times in the morning I was there, I knew that he was not one of those guys who only used fb twice a month.  So I decided to seek the help of another social media site, Twitter. He has an account, but I realise that he must be following me for me to be able to send him a direct message. So I have to tweet him… publicly. At this point my guardian angel, Darcy Greene, offers her helping hand and tweets him instead of me. “This is an odd request, but check your fb inbox, you have a message in the others –folder” after it is sent, about three minutes later, he replies to me on fb.

Such a relief!

Although the story didn’t quite end here, as it still takes two weeks before he gets himself together and sends me the bracelets, I even went as low as to beg for them from him in a drunken message.

And then finally I get a notice from the post office that I have packet.  However, I will get soon as I pay £1.60! One pound and 60 pence!!  He reversed the postage fees!!!

You would think that after what took 15 days, 2 people, about 5 messages on 2 different social media platforms and a mailing fee of £1.60 I would remember to take care of my bracelets. But nope, a month after this I went to Darcy’s place after a night out and left them there again. Luckily this time it was my best friend to have them, not a nameless one night stand.

by Emily Greyling

PS The bracelets smelled like onions when I got them back, I don’t want to know why!

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